Psychology in IT: Estimate, Promise, and Deliver

After being part of many customer or internal projects, It’s always amazing how badly people manage expectations. Setting the right expectations and delivering them should be easy by utilizing basic human psychology. That’s the mandatory part of customer and organizational success.   A basic skill in IT is estimating how much work, calendar time, money,Continue reading “Psychology in IT: Estimate, Promise, and Deliver”

[FI] Suomalainen IT-ongelma

Teknologian kehityksessä ja markkinassa USA ja Kiina hallitsevat. Eurooppa on jäänyt pahasti jälkeen. Bert Hubert kirjoittaa pitkän pohdinnan miksi Eurooppa ei pärjää teknologiassa. Helsingin Sanomat on ottanut aiheekseen Suomen yritysten tilan ja heikon tuottavuuden, joka uhkaa koko kansakunnan tulevaisuutta. HS Visio (maksumuuri) kysyy asiantuntijoilta mikä meni vikaan ja pääkirjoituksessa ilmaistaan huoli ja pettymys hallitusten poliittiseenContinue reading “[FI] Suomalainen IT-ongelma”

Prince Philip, me, and the midlife crisis

Some time ago I watched Netflix series The Crown. In season 3 episode 7 “Moondust” Philips struggles with his midlife crisis after Apollo 11 space shuttle has landed on the moon. This scene hit me hard because there was something to strongly relate to on a personal level. In this episode, one Sunday Philips isContinue reading “Prince Philip, me, and the midlife crisis”

Is the public cloud the only option?

This blog was published originally in Finnish in the Cisco guest blog. The temptation of public cloud and SaaS services is hard to resist. Who would like to be a brake on technology and business development? Much of IT infrastructure is already in the cloud, and companies are eagerly increasing the use of the cloud.Continue reading “Is the public cloud the only option?”