ACI Rant #3 Topology and scalability issues.

This microblog was released in Twitter thread. Cisco ACI feels so robust, complex and pricey that you might think it’s for big networks. Actually, there are many scalability limitations that you might encounter sooner or later. Mode: First there is a decision between Multi-pod and Multi-site. Multi-pod is single distributed fabric and easier to understand.Continue reading “ACI Rant #3 Topology and scalability issues.”

Experimenting Cumulus Linux

This post was originally posted as Twitter thread 4.3.2021. Last few weeks I’ve tried to dive into Cumulus Linux and test how it is configured and operated. The goal is to make a tutorial for Cisco network engineers. Here’s a thread what I’ve noticed during my experimentation. There used to be over 130 different hardwareContinue reading “Experimenting Cumulus Linux”

Cisco ACI day 2: Real life design and operational issues

This post was originally posted as Twitter thread 15.12.2020 ACI journey continues. Now I’m involved in real life practical designs and hands-on deployments. Thoughts on design and issues I have experienced. Resource objects are still hard to understand properly. Why this and that, why so many pieces? What is the best combination of vlan pools,Continue reading “Cisco ACI day 2: Real life design and operational issues”

Cisco ACI first impressions

This post was originally posted as Twitter thread 28.10.2020. I took a 5 days Cisco DCACI course. This is all new to me. I’m confused. Who is ACI for? Capabilities and completeness of features are fantastic but how to manage this complex system? Everything is based on objects. I thought Junos is policy heavy butContinue reading “Cisco ACI first impressions”