Networking Industry Update 2021-05

Outages A denial of service attack was performed against the Quad9 DNS, which disrupted the service on May 3, 2021 for approximately 90 minutes. The volumetric attack apparently used LDAP protocol reflection amplification. The attack did not reach the servers but caused network congestion. Salesforce suffered a global service outage on May 11-12, 2021. TheContinue reading “Networking Industry Update 2021-05”

Networking Industry Update 2021-04

Telcos The big news from the 5G world was when new generation operator Dish chose AWS as its cloud partner. Dish is building a fully cloud-based standalone 5G Open RAN into a public cloud using AWS Local Zones and Outposts. Almost everything other than antennas and cables moves to the cloud. AWS will customize theContinue reading “Networking Industry Update 2021-04”

Networking Industry Update 2021-03

Problems On March 10, 2021, a fire broke out in the Strasbourg data center of the French OVH, Europe’s largest cloud service provider. The DC campus had four rooms, one of which was completely destroyed by fire and the others suffered from smoke damage. OVH’s CTO Octave Klaba has set a great example of openContinue reading “Networking Industry Update 2021-03”

Networking Industry Update 2021-02

Telcos and 5G In Finland, Telia made a deal with Nokia on the 5G network and it will be heard in ads promoting the only “domestic and secure” network. The CEO warns of the risks and promises Finns the Finnish 5G network as the only operator. Telia has had a tough year and has now set new goals on a sustainableContinue reading “Networking Industry Update 2021-02”

Networking Industry Update 2021-01

Outages The year started with problems. Slack suffered a four-hour downtime when people returned to work from Christmas break. Even local Finnish newspaper reported downtime for 10 million users and 750,000 companies, reflecting the importance of the service to business operations. The media joked that Slack had forgotten to put the cloud auto-scaling back on after reducingContinue reading “Networking Industry Update 2021-01”